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HP Quality doors lead into the victims of collective action

Zhejiang University students denounced "HP" cause resonates

Thousands of copies of complaints against torture "HP" quality

August 30, 2009, Zhejiang University Guanghua School of Graduate Ruan Xiao, suddenly find themselves in the HP notebook computer "black screen", "graphics card overheat" and asked for negotiations to resolve aspects of HP, but HP has a tough attitude, desperation Ruan Xiao, January 29 this year, Hewlett-Packard Co. reported on 涓?焊璇夌姸灏?China Hangzhou West Lake District People's Court.

February 6, nearly half of the hard-line Hewlett-Packard has quietly Nguyen hopes to find a small "private" address, 5 days after HP agreed to refund, and hope Ruan Xiao, in confidence, low-key approach to this matter, do not want the media involved again .

"I think just not enough to solve my own problem, HP should meet the conditions for return and replacement of machine customers are properly resolved," Ruan Xiao spoke with a straight face.

As a result, HP's "quality gate", opened with a bang. This is only the question HP notebook tip of the iceberg ... ...

Became public: HP's old wine in new bottle

"You see, this is I was testing the temperature, the computer graphics are as high as 70 鈩?of temperature." Ruan Xiao, holding down their own screenshots to see the evidence to reporters, after only six months, he is still angry.

January 24, 2008, Ruan Xiao Zhe Jiang Meicheng in Digital Technology Group Co., Ltd. purchased the HP Compaq brand model KG594PA # AB2, the basic configuration for the V3729AU notebook computer, in less than two years, have for "black", "graphics card overheating," because the three sent to the HP Care Pack Service Maintenance.

Ruan Xiao did not think that is, from August 30, 2009 the first repair to January 12, 2010 the last repair, as long as six months to three entry called "Gold" none of after-sales service department to solve the problem, 3rd repair even when Ruan Xiao board in the staff disassemble see when CT numbers found there a motherboard label did not tear following a clean label.

"Obviously, my motherboard is an old computer motherboard, then I was shocked and called the HP 500 computer and even placed the old to the new board." Ruan Xiaojian set, said board CT number sticker is a two-tier Obviously, he was later posted to their work.

For the issue with the old motherboard, Ruan Xiao, immediately challenged the sale. "But after-sales staff was also surprised, he did not speak, be default the right." Ruan Xiao said.

After the discovery of the old board, Ruan Xiao, HP China headquarters has made complaints to require withdrawal or replacement machine, but it was denied and Hewlett-Packard. "At the time HP has called me, asking for three or four times during the warranty period can not be properly used to repair back machine, this full and our country," Consumer Protection Law "violation." In fact, according to " The People's Republic of China Consumer Protection Law, "Chapter VII, Article 15 provisions:" the two repair during the warranty period is still not normal use, the operator shall be responsible for replacement or return. "

Finally, in case talks failed to learn the legal profession, Ruan Xiao 涓?焊璇夌姸灏?China HP to court.

A full refund: off "Wild World" waves

February 6, 2010, a tough six months for HP to get a call from Nguyen and small talk. "Really, I was a little unexpected, HP told me to consult a sudden resolve." February 11, Hewlett-Packard agreed to refund, Hangzhou inconvenience dealers to cash flow before the ground, so that small Ruan to refund replaced by a new computer. Mat a little money, a small Nguyen took a new machine, this time not to buy a Hewlett-Packard.

Ruan Xiao forget to press under their own "challenge HP's" cost: more than 200 printed pages of material 30 yuan; burn data CD 3 10 yuan; run transportation costs 30 yuan Court; costs 60 yuan, but the last withdrawal the court to return the 30 yuan; this thing called spent 20 dollars.

"I get 'compensation' when HP wanted me to respect confidentiality, low-key approach to this matter, do not want the media involved again."

In fact, Nguyen HP, in the information before the tsunami, had joined thousands of HP customers by the composition of the "established." Nguyen with the small, like "Wild Man" in their hands with a sick laptop.

"HP is always so low-key processing requirements, confidentiality requirements, I think this is simply bully the Chinese consumer, so I have to lead everyone Rights." With "China Civil Rights leader Hewlett-Packard" Wuhan Miss Gao Shujuan told reporters .

"HP should recall their DV2000 and DV3000 series computers can not always engage in ground combat." Flash friendly feelings such as Hewlett-Packard and private aspects of after-sale handling tough attitude causes the computer, finally, led to the victims of collective action .

Self Law: Let blowing "Assembly"

Shu-Juan Gao, known as "the first person in China HP civil rights protection."

"I got the award, but you know, I got a lot to pay compensation." Shu-Juan Gao said he to win, has spent half a year, learning the three packs of law and consumer protection law. "I tell you, HP is always '蹇芥偁' people, as China's consumer, I not only want to protect their own interests, but to Chinese consumers as a whole to consider, recall problems HP laptop should be."

Soon, GAO Shu-juan become China's benchmark defenders, she has created eight QQ own group organization, each group of nearly 500 people, has recruited the victims across the country, and take the initiative to accept the media from around the world In the latest sign of her in consternation wrote: "HP, I win you."

High eldest sister told reporters, in fact, do not say win, "not simply to win the individual win, our goal is to win the national victims are HP." Under the leadership of high-juan, the victim has collectively sounded the "assembly No. ", they collectively sued Hewlett-Packard.

Thousands prosecution: 100 lawyers maintain public

For HP black screen, splash screen and the graphics card overheating problems, Times reporter has in the People's Network, 315 net well-known consumer forums that consumer complaints about HP notebooks come and go. Model focused on DV2000, DV3000, 4416S, 6531s, etc., but these series of products Hewlett-Packard did not take other measures to resolve, only users in the warranty period for free replacement, which caused a large number of users dissatisfied with the HP approach. HP recall a large number of users want to "blank screen, splash screen, overheating," notebook.

Wangfeng Chang, Beijing law easy to network CEO, "I own and I was a victim of HP, I found my own defenders have problems, let alone the common people had." Wangfeng Chang and Shu-Juan Gao and others in the deliberations, the final in December 2009 established the "Hewlett-Packard collectively protect their rights," public interest lawyers.

"We now have nearly 1,500 copies of the material, but the arrival of new material every day, piling up the material can reach one meter, and it involves a Wuhan, Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Guangxi, Jiangsu and other places, almost covering the whole country. "

Wangfeng Chang told reporters last week that they have to AQSIQ and SAIC submitted a "Chief complaint" to arouse the national relevant departments attach great importance, on the other hand, they will be formally charged this week Hewlett-Packard.

"As of today, we have over 100 lawyers to join our team defenders, the lawyers decided to take collective action carried out in stages, the first batch of 11 persons have been selected cases.

As the victim of too much, Wang Fengchang that can only be carried out in batches of appeal, and all the costs of proceedings paid by the website. "Expenditure actually bigger, and now our country is also a lack of relevant legal provisions, gotta run, there are some legal difficulties, the first batch, but we have enough confidence." Wangfeng Chang said.

Human rights lawyers point of view:

Beijing Pacific Century Law Office Department of Jiangsu Hua quality legal counsel

"Although our country is no specific provision for recall of notebook computers and systems, we believe that, if presence of HP consumer laptops or personal property, dangerous defects, then HP should" consumer protection fee " "Product Quality Law", "Civil Law" and other provisions of the legal basis to take with the recall, repurchase and other forms of effective measures to eliminate the risk. "

Jiangsu Hua lawyers say, a simple extension of the warranty period is only a temporary hidden dangers, can not fundamentally solve the problem, HP asked the company for consumers and does not provide adequate detailed answer, there are suspected violations of the Consumer Right to Know .

Currently, Beijing Pacific Century law firm has accepted more than 100 consumers commissioned by Hewlett-Packard laptop and quality of products assigned to the legal departments of specialized lawyers, contractors case, while the main site in the law on public assembly are similar to the consumer is involved in rights protection.

"We also believe that product quality disputes, the case proceedings can only address specific consumer's personal problems and can not bring groups fundamentally solve the problem and maintain the legitimate rights and interests of all consumers." Jiang lawyer said the combination of consumers reflected cases and materials, has filed administrative complaints AQSIQ, and recall such a request the request.

Victim letter:

Flash Friends of the TT

Reporter Hello, I call myself a "flash" Friends, in fact, not only my friends call themselves flash, almost all groups where people are calling themselves "Friends of flash."

Almost all of our computers every day, flash, HP is the world's 500 Looking back on the world-renowned brand in January 2008 I bought a V3414TX laptop, spent several weeks there in a long 2 short alarm sound, turn black.

Amendments to the gold medal in the normal use of the next 1 year. The second year in September appeared black, up to 3 times a month, a black screen! To ask the gold medal is repair what has led to frequent black, give me the answer: Motherboard burned want to change the motherboard, do not play a large online games.

Repaired at that time had not even too concerned about. Today, over warranty period, and then the screen goes black and the splash screen, go to gold for motherboard to 2,000 yuan. I was a student can not afford the high maintenance costs that had to spend 350 on the outside a bit motherboard repair.

Internet search was a bit "black" is one of many common problem in HP notebooks, and some have Huaping, blue, etc. It is understood that this is HP's graphics fuselage design flaws, some friends told me to look for free consultation for HP motherboard, so I called HP headquarters in Beijing, customer service lady asked me the first model, the computer does not recognize V3414TX quality problems. Huyou me a long time. I said I would go to 315 complaints from you, Miss gall customer complaints are not afraid of me. Final negotiations failed.

Very small number of successful users in consultation, HP too could Bluff, and are we to consumers for its defective product design to pay? The use of a laptop 2 years, who dares to buy his products!


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